AMOPP’s III International Encounter — October 13-14, 2011

With many enthusiastic and insightful professionals in attendance, the Asociación Mexicana de Orientación Psicológica y Psicoterapia (Mexican Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy; AMOPP) celebrated its III International Encounter in the city of Leon, Mexico, October 13–14, 2011. The Universidad Iberoamericana of Leon, in the state of Guanajuato, hosted the event this year. Among the sponsors of the event were AMOPP, the Universidad Iberoamericana of Leon, the Universidad Iberoamericana of Mexico City, and NBCC International.

The theme of the encounter was “Dilemmas in the Counseling Exercise: The Art of a Good Practice.” Renowned speakers from Mexico, Canada and the United States presented on the theme, which had a strong emphasis on ethical practices in counseling. The event was attended by multidisciplinary professionals and psychology students. AMOPP offered a wide variety of workshops on a diverse range of topics focused on counseling dilemmas, and participants engaged in interesting discussions on those topics.

In the words of Maria Amparo Oliver, past president of AMOPP, “AMOPP’s Encounter allowed Mexican counselors to experience, in heart and mind, what counseling is all about: listening, sharing, choosing, enjoying, growing, learning, wondering; in other words, learning to live life to its fullest.”

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