Dr. Mohamed Fadzil Bin Che Din

Mohamed Fadzil Bin Che Din has been active in the world of counseling for the past 32 years and is currently president of the Malaysia Board of Counsellors. He is also the deputy vice chancellor for student affairs at the National Defense University of Malaysia and an adjunct professor for guidance and counseling at the Management and Science University (MSU), in Malaysia. Dr. Fadzil played a vital part in establishing the Malaysia Counsellors Act of 1998 through his active and continuous role in the National Counselling Council, and has been a member of the Board of Counsellors since its creation. Among the main functions of the board are the accreditation of counseling programs, registration and certification of professional counselors, and regulation of counseling practice.

Dr. Fadzil became NBCC International’s fourth counselor-in-residence in November 2013. He describes it as a once-a-lifetime opportunity for him to explore new areas of counseling professionalism, innovative approaches, techniques for enhancing counseling roles and functions, and ways to progress counseling policies, regulation, instruments and programs in Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Mohamed Fadzil Bin Che Din