NBCC International Fellows History

2002- Park City, Utah, USA

The Fellows Program began as a joint effort by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) and the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) to identify and build relationships with international students in the U.S. who would be key persons in professional counseling in their home countries. Nominations were solicited for 2 international students from each of the 5 ACES regions. ACES offered the selected Fellows free conference registration to the national conference and agreed to offer a 2-hour time period during the conference for the Fellows to present about counseling in their home countries. NBCC provided travel stipends and conducted a professional development workshop for the Fellows.

11 Fellows were selected for 2002, two from each ACES region and one from abroad. They were:

Selected from:
Home Country
Hui-Shiang Chao University of Northern Colorado Taiwan
Meng Yin Chen Oregon State University Taiwan
Dr. Fidan Korkut UNC-Greensboro/Hacettepe University Turkey
Tomoko Kudo Syracuse University Japan
Jayamala Madathil University of North Carolina at Greensboro India
Oula Majzoub Kent State University Lebanon
Motoko Nakazawa Oregon State University Japan
Jenny Keller Neethling Western Michican University South Africa
Jane Atieno Okech Idaho State University Kenya
Atsuko Seto University of Wyoming Japan
Dr. Andreea Szilagyi Polytechnic University of Bucharest Romania

2005- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Based on valuable feedback from the 2002 Fellows in Park City and from responses to a follow-up survey, significant changes were made in the approach to the 2005 Fellows program. Feedback indicated that questions remained about how to promote the development of counseling. Because of this, the professional development workshop was focused on studying professionalization processes and was mostly conducted by counselors from outside the United States who are presently creating professionalization mechanisms and working to implement accreditation.

Recruitment from non-U.S. counselor preparation programs also took place. As a result, Maria Dipal, a psychology student from Malaysia, and Dr. Huda Ayyash-Abdo, the coordinator of a School Counseling Program in Lebanon were invited to participate.

The 2005 NBCC International Fellows at ACES were:

Selected from:
Home Country
Dr. Huda Ayyash-Abdo Lebanese American University Lebanon
Kyoung Mi Choi Syracuse University South Korea
Maria Dipal HELP University/College Malaysia
Arline Edwards-Joseph North Carolina State University Antigua & Barbuda
Nikolai Ermakov Denver Seminary Krygyzstan
Ana Teresa Gouveia University of Rochester Portugal
Sachin Jain University of Wyoming India
Dr. Chieko Koyama Virginia Tech Japan