Dr. George Davy Vera

George Vera

NBCC-I’s third CIR was Dr. George Davy Vera, a professor at the College of Humanities and Education, University of Zulia, in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He is also one of the leaders of the Federación de Asociaciones Venezolanas de Orientación (Federation of Venezuelan Counseling Associations; FAVO), an organization that seeks to develop leadership and the professionalization of counseling in Venezuela. Dr. Vera worked with NBCC-I as a CIR for three months in 2010. While at NBCC, he was exposed to a wider view of leadership and internationalization of the counseling profession. In his words, he “touched some cutting-edge trends in the counseling profession, witnessed the challenges of desiring the best possible way to meet the needs of those we serve, and shared a vision for counseling worldwide.” Dr. Vera now serves as liaison between FAVO and NBCC-I in the development of the NCC-Venezuela certification system.